What is the Policy on Student Use of School Equipment and Facilities for Non-Academic Purposes in Colorado Springs, CO?

Learn about policy on student use of school equipment & facilities for non-academic purposes in Colorado Springs CO including rules & regulations.

What is the Policy on Student Use of School Equipment and Facilities for Non-Academic Purposes in Colorado Springs, CO?

No equipment, stage, or decoration of any kind may be used inside the building or on building premises, except as specifically provided in the permit. Character through diversity, challenge &, achievement A. Auditorium exit lights must be used. Open flame (including candles) is prohibited.

Smoking, chewing, vaping, or any other use of tobacco or similar products inside the building or on school grounds in accordance with state law and the Board's policy on smoke-free schools is not allowed. If an individual group fails to comply with this policy or these rules, the rental agreement will be terminated and the group will be denied future use of district facilities for a period not less than 18 months. Engaging in a disruptive or illegal activity, such as loud music or sounds or screams, obscene language, fights or fights is prohibited. Entities that can establish coverage under the Colorado Government Immunity Act (“Act”) must provide certification that accredits insurance at least within the limits set forth in the Act and acceptable to the district. All requests will be approved for specific and identified rooms or fields.

It will be the responsibility of the approved party to manage and restrict the group's activities to that specific area, except for necessary corridors and bathrooms. The approved party is responsible for managing the behavior of the attendees and for not allowing unauthorized people to enter the approved area or activity. The presence of unauthorized persons must be notified to the district site supervisor who is on duty and may result in the immediate termination of the rental agreement. The times of use of the facilities will be specified in the application. All groups are expected to enter and vacate the facility at the specified and agreed time.

Rent may be charged for additional time for early arrival or late departure. All usage permissions will end before 9 p.m.Exceptions to this can be approved by the director. No non-school group will be allowed to use the facilities on regularly scheduled school days before the end time for students. The facilities can be rented from Monday to Friday depending on the space available and, therefore, the rental does not interrupt or disturb regular school activities.

Use of school facilities may be allowed on Saturdays and Sundays and will be subject to staff availability when appropriate. Summer use may be limited due to custody work schedules. General cleaning will be the responsibility of the approved party and will be considered acceptable at the sole discretion of the district. Garbage must be removed from the premises immediately after use or before that time, as it will interfere with school activities. Additional cleaning fees will be charged when deemed necessary. All users are subject to laws and regulations applicable to school districts that prohibit discrimination based on age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, race, color, religion, marital status or disability, or any other legally protected category.

View Google Map Site Map. Document used to provide specific or general statements for the effective operation of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) campus. Include buildings, building wings, recreational fields, squares, fountains, highways, walkways, shopping centers, quadrilaterals, and similar facilities on the University of Colorado Colorado campus in Colorado Springs. This is the nomenclature for an “approved” educator preparation program or a sequence of courses and experiences for the purpose of preparing teachers and other school professionals to be effective educators from preschool to twelfth grade. Instruction in which more than half of the allocated contact hours occur in circumstances where students do not come to campus or meet face-to-face with an instructor at another physical site.

This procedure covers all classified University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) personnel who have at least one year of state service. Students pursuing programs seeking a degree and who are completing certificate programs may still be eligible for financial aid under normal financial aid rules and expectations. The dean of the school or school and the academic director must be informed in writing of the determined structure of the primary unit. Only members of the main unit who hold a tenured position will vote on tenure-related decisions, except that non-tenured members of the principal unit will be allowed to vote on tenure-related decisions when authorized by the dean of the school or college and the academic director when circumstances, at their discretion, so justify. School district property insurance and comprehensive general liability insurance do not extend to community groups that use school facilities. This procedure covers all classified personnel from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) who are members of Colorado State Personnel System and who have obtained a test or certificate status in State Personnel System. Whenever a community group is allowed to use a school or other facility, there must be at least one district employee (guardian or supervisor of site) present paid by organization when it is necessary to monitor people and protect school property according to opinion of principal.

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